An online course to help you lead a more fulfilled life.

Find Purpose - Set Goals - Enjoy Life

The course created to help you lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life.

– Do you often feel like you have no control of your life, because you’re pulled in too many directions?

– Are you reacting to life, rather than proactively pursuing your goals?

– Are you frustrated with your career, and want to grow professionally, but don’t think it’s possible?

– Does family life, and even your marriage, seem like it just isn’t functioning as well as it could?

– Do you wish you could feel less stressed and anxious all the time?

– Are you living life with confusion, and feel stuck in a rut as a result?


The problem is…
Many people think that when their life changes for the better, they will have more clarity and focus.


But the truth is…
When you have more clarity:
Your life will change for the better.

You have more confidence.

You relax more.

You smile more.

You have more joy.

You have more influence.

You are a better parent and spouse.

You are a better friend.


You don’t have to keep living life without clarity and direction.
I’ve found that people rarely slow down and self-reflect. Most people rarely take the time to gain the clarity they need and live a scattered life as a result. Many wake up years later realizing they’ve wasted many years. Don’t let this be you! I created Tune Up For Life to solve this problem. It will help you find clarity, the kind of clarity that inspires change and fills you with the energy needed to get to that next level. Tune Up For Life will give you the encouragement you need to make healthy choices.


Here’s the thing, I’ve been in your shoes. In fact, I have been in your shoes more than once.

I’ve worked unfulfilling jobs but avoided making a change due to anxiety. I worried that I didn’t have the knowledge, training, tools and leadership ability to succeed. Confusion has led to me being consumed by work and neglecting the most important things in life. I’ve been weighed down and immobilized. When I live with clarity, my anxiety no longer has the power to lead me down the wrong path.


I realized that I needed to change but wasn’t sure how.


I designed Tune Up For Life to help myself first. I was lost, confused, and looking for direction. Through research and trial & error I found ways I could grasp my true value. I began coaching myself on how to have accurate, healthy, and true thoughts to replace the anxious lies. I learned how to clarify what motivates me and how to identify and live by my core values. I learned how focusing on the RIGHT goals and a CLEAR vision will transform my life, rather than living life by default.

Since 1999, I’ve gone though this process with over 750 clients. Over the years I’ve been able to see what works and what doesn’t for people just like you. I’ve refined and perfected my system for finding transformational clarity and now I’m offering it to you.

Tune Up For Life is the online video series I created for you to go through at your convenience and your own pace. It’s a great alternative for those who aren’t ready or don’t feel the need for one-on-one coaching. It’s excellent for individuals, spouses, and work teams to go through together at their own convenience.

“I have been able to make decisions about my career path and have been able to create and reach goals I never thought I would. Life can be challenging but with Decide Your Legacy’s tools I am able to work through the challenges and reach my fullest potential.” Samanthan Amos

Hotel Manager

“I started the coaching process with Decide Your Legacy after completing my Master’s degree. The process of defining values and discovering purpose has been invaluable. I was soon presented with two offers. One to be a partner for a small firm, the other was a position in Corporate America. Because I had defined my values and purpose, I knew what was important to me and what would fulfill my life, the decision was easy to make with confidence and speed.” Eric Stehm

Financial Analyst

“Adam Gragg and the Decide Your Legacy team are the total package. The balanced and thorough approach they use for Life Coaching enabled me to examine and strategically develop working plans from my core values to sound bites for optimizing my life’s mission. I highly recommend this Coaching experience to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to point true north and come out better prepared with strategies that will yield their best results.” Albert Sanchez

Marketing Executive

Invest In Your Future:

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Tune Up For Life Covers:

Healthy Thinking Skills

Tools to help you have a healthy and positive perspective in life

Your True Value

How valuable you are and how to remind yourself of this fact each day

Assess Your Life

How to establish and maintain a reasonably balanced life

Living From Your Core

How to identify and align your life with your core values

Why You Exist

Clues to discovering your life purpose

Focus Your Energy

How to set the right goals that will lead you towards your best future

Be Intentional

How to establish the right habits that lead to success


The 60-Day “Re-gain control” 100% Money-back guarantee
I’m confident that once you complete Tune Up For Life videos and workbook, you’ll feel energized knowing you’ve created a plan to re-gain control of your life. At anytime within 60 days of purchase, if you feel Tune Up For Life has not provided you an inspiring plan to improve your life, we will be happy to provide a full refund. No questions asked and no hard feelings. All you have to do is email and we will promptly refund your money.

“My greatest passion in life is to help people find clarity, grasp their tremendous potential, and create a solid plan to reach their goals. I created Tune Up For Life to help you positively transform your life forever. If you don’t feel I’ve delivered on that promise, I will refund your hard earned money.”  – Adam Gragg (Creator of The Life Tune Up and Owner of Decide Your Legacy, LLC)

Frequently Asked Questions:
How long do I have access content?

You will have access to the content for the life of the website. Come back as often as you want! In fact, you get the most out of the material by reviewing frequently. The videos are all short (15 – 20 minutes), packed with content, and ideal to revisit consistently.  Having lifetime access also makes it convenient to go through the content at your own pace without worrying about your subscription expiring.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The online course allows you to work at your own pace, so you can take as little or as long as you like. The course and workbook can be completed in 7 hours with intense focus, although pacing yourself is generally recommended. Most will benefit from completing one section and then waiting at least a day to start the next topic. Others have benefitted from taking 7 weeks to complete the course covering one lesson per week. Each section video is brief (15 – 20 minutes) and designed to be watched more than once so the content-rich material sinks in.

How long does it take to get access to the course once I purchase?

Immediately. As soon as you purchase the course you’ll be directed to the registration page so you can setup your account. Once that is complete, you will have 24/7 access! Immediate access is one of the great benefits of digital content.

What is group coaching?
Group coaching is a live and recorded Webinar (video call), offered monthly. These live sessions are held on Wednesdays at 11:30pm CST. If you cannot attend, don’t fret, if you’ve purchased the Full Maintenance or Overhaul packages, you’ll be given access to the recordings. I’ll provide in depth teaching on each coaching topic, give you a change to ask questions, and provide opportunities for feedback.  If you can’t make the scheduled times you can ask your questions prior, and we’ll try and answer them during the session. Group coaching provides the accountability, encouragement, and motivation needed while going through your Tune Up For Life. MAJOR BENEFIT: I will also cover topics not covered in Tune Up For Life content that are a part of creating your full Legacy Plan.
What if I have a question and need help?

You will be able to send us messages via email at anytime while you are going though the course, and we’ll be happy to help. We hope you have lots of questions as that shows us you are learning and growing through your Tune Up For Life.